Sheer Hopody
Barn Dance Band

Sue Eeles
Flautist with Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band

Picture of Sue Eeles - Flautist with Sheer hopody Barn Dance Band

"I’ve been involved with folk music for many years, having made the leap from studying classical music as a student (and finally admitting that my folky parents had the right idea after all!). As well as playing for a number of different bands over the years, I’ve also been a member of various dance groups, and have been lucky enough to travel and meet some great musicians throughout Europe and America. In addition to regularly playing flute with Sheer Hopody, I also occasionally play fiddle with other ceilidh bands. I love the energy that comes with playing for dancers and the sheer joy of making music with friends."

Sue has been our regular flautist for many years, and rightly so: her musicianship and inventiveness are without parallel!

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Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band