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Sheer Hopody
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Fun for Everyone at your
Wedding Reception, Anniversary or Birthday Party

"Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band Enquiry Form"

Please take a minute or two to read the following:


Please take a look at our Barn Dance Band Menu. for details of all your options and the basic cost of each.

Travel Costs

If the proposed venue is not near Exeter or Crediton, we will need to make a charge for the cost of travel which we hope you'll agree is only fair.

Time of Travel

Occassionally, we may need to include travel time in the cost as well. There is no extra charge for bookings within a 45-minute drive of Exeter or Crediton, and we take into account the overall timings, so for instance, a short dance of two hours is unlikely to incur any extra travel time unless it's a long way away.


We can play for one set (up to 2½-hours) or two sets (up to 1½-hours each). Our published prices assume a maximum of 3½-hours between start and finish, and a finish by midnight.

Set up

Ideally, we would like an hour before the start to set up the sound system etc. but we know that things often don't go to plan, so if you're running late we'll set up just as quickly as we can. At the end, we should be all packed away in under 20 minutes.


Once everything is agreed, we will ask you to pay a £120 deposit to secure the booking. The remainder of the fee will need to be paid at least 28 days in advance of the function (or you may prefer to send the full fee as your deposit). You can pay by cheque but we much prefer you to pay using your bank's payment transfer system. All details are on our booking form which we will send to you as a pdf attachment by email.

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Date of Event:

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Venue Address:

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Type of Event:

Start Time:

Finish Time:

(More than 3½-hours between start and finish would incur additional cost.)

How did you hear of us?

What size of band would you prefer?

Choose your band from the 'Menu'

Our caller is always included unless you ask otherwise.

Any requests, comments or budget limitations?

Would you need music at other times during this occasion?

To confirm a booking, we will ask you to sign and return a booking form (which we will email to you, pre-completed with your details) and pay a deposit of £120. Until the booking form is returned to us and your deposit has cleared, your enquiry is only considered 'provisional'.

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Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band ...for your entertainment.