Sheer Hopody
Barn Dance Band

Adrian Brayley
Caller with Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band

Picture of Adrian Brayley - Caller with Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band

"Coming from a teaching background, over the years I have been involved in display dance groups focussing on traditional English folk dance, historical dance, Scottish dance, morris dancing, and dance from the Appalachian mountains. I’ve been involved as a performer and an organiser in many festivals including coordinating parts of, and calling for, large dances at our local Sidmouth folk week. My background in dance started when I was at Southampton University, and I selected my post graduate course (in maths) in Nottingham based on the quality of their dance programme!

When calling dances for Sheerhopody, I always aim to get people moving, interacting and, most importantly, smiling. Our ceilidhs are all about fun and joining in rather than accuracy; be prepared to have a laugh."

Adrian has been with us from the start and still going down well with partygoers across the south-west!

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Sheer Hopody Barn Dance Band